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Bairbre Crowley

Bairbre has been practising Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine since 2009 & was one of the founding members of the Acupuncture Childbirth Team(ACT)in Dublin(now AFPI).

She began teaching Iyengar yoga & meditation in 2012 after a regular, strong practice for 7 years with her teacher Pavara, Buddhist order member & senior Iyengar teacher in Dublin. She loves the depths of where Iyengar yoga can reach & it is a solid base of her practice & teaching. Her latest teachers & influences in yoga have led her down a new path with teachers such as James Higgins from California, these practices have added fluidity to her teaching from a place of the heart. She spent between 2016-2018 in the Amazon rainforest, teaching & working, living & learning from the Shipibo tribe, working with their many, varied powerful ancient medicines along with newer modern methods of learning body practices to release trauma which can get trapped in the body, often from childhood or before. She has recently began her work with the Native American tradition ‘La Camino Rojo’ in Ibiza with elder & teacher, Maria Valdivia. Her classes aim to empower & encourage self practice with a mix of strong Iyengar base, fluidity & felt sense through movement & stillness to access deeper levels of consciousness, working with the power of sound/voice through mantra, pranayama/breath work & whatever a particular day & time may bring.

Gentle/Therapeutic Yoga:
This Gentle/Therapeutic class is a mix of gentle yoga postures, breath work & meditation. The practice of Iyengar yoga is in itself a therapeutic practice. Bairbre often works with acupressure points & ear seed acupuncture points to solidify the practice.
This Yoga class is tailor made to suit the needs of the participants. Suitable for anyone who wishes to slow down their yoga practice or for those who have physical limitations.
Limited Class number to provide essential attention & adjustments.

Restorative Yoga:
Restorative Yoga, pranayama/breathing, meditation techniques & visualisations.
Restorative Yoga is a regenerative healing method that reduces stress through the use of supported yoga postures, breathing and guided meditative & healing sounds. Learn to access deep relaxation and calm the nervous system, supporting overall health, mental and physical well-being.

Acupuncture & Yoga Workshops:
These workshops are themed, an example is: “Working into the hips to remove emotional blockages’
These Workshops are a blend of Acupuncture, Yoga postures, Breath work, sound & voice work to help us flow through life with more ease.
Bairbre has reduced the amount of people in these Workshops to provide more individual attention.

One-to-one Yoga Sessions:
The practice of Iyengar yoga is in itself & therapeutic yoga practice. One-to-one sessions are suitable for anyone who prefers to practice alone with guidance or who wishes to learn yoga asanas in a safe & anatomical way. One of the main advantages of working with the Iyengar method is to allow all postures to be assessable through the use of supports such as; blocks, bricks, bolsters, belts & weights.
Bairbre often combines with Acupuncture needles as we wind-down the movement practice.
One-to-one classes allow the class to be tailor made for the individual.

The Art of Yoga:
A specialised class, suitable for those with previous yoga practice or a curiosity to go deeper into the building blocks of Yoga Asanas (postures) & into themselves!
This Asana part of the class is a mix of the postures on the first 2 levels of Iyengar Yoga exams, which includes active & restorative postures, along with mantra & pranayama/breath work practices.
Bairbre has put together this class to encourage confidence in self/home practice or to help to sow the seeds for home practice when the time feels right, doing so by learning yoga postures correctly & safely.